Olde Mill Swim Club - Performance Metrics

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We have identified certain numbers & statistics that track the performance of our club. We gather these each month (in Adobe PDF format)
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If you're interested in the financial challenge of running the club, here's a look at some of our budgets:
  • A whole lot of budgets & actuals (in Adobe PDF format)
  • or, budgets in a varying format from each year:
    2006. . . 2005. . . 2004. . . 2003. . . 2002. . . 2001. . . 2000. . . 1999. . . 1998. . . 1997. . . 1996

    Please keep in mind that this budget is an outline of how we would spend a given income. It relies on generating a predictable income from membership, and we work VERY HARD at ensuring that we meet our membership goals! It also relies on our ability to control costs and limit unexpected expenses.

    We try to spend our money to support the mission and goals expressed elsewhere on this web-site. Our budget is a tool to help point us in the right direction, but we will not be held hostage to it if our mission and service to our customers require alternative actions.

    Also, please note that the above budget DOES NOT include the value of our many volunteers!!! Their time, effort, hard work and often-unreimbursed expenses are truly the most important thing that makes this club function. If you want to really help our club, volunteer to perform a job and/or thank those whose efforts & sacrifices keep this place in business.

    The accountant types of the world can click on the picture of the rose below to see more details.