Olde Mill Swim Club - Suggestions

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One of the "Privileges of Membership" is "the right to address written complaints and constructive suggestions to the Pool Committee". If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the pool, please contact us by one of these formal methods:

Send a letter to:
Olde Mill Swim Club
490 Chalet Drive
Millersville, MD 21108
Send us email:
Send us voicemail. Call our hotline (410)987-7890 and
leave a message in our Suggestion Box, (option #4).

(it's open 24-hrs/day 365 days/year)

Tell us of your needs and expectations. Relate your experiences; express your feelings; give us your impressions. We want to hear from you! Try to be as detailed and specific as possible so we can accurately understand your concerns.

All suggestions should be submitted through one of the methods above so they can be handled in a timely & business-like manner.

As volunteers, we do our best to balance the many needs of our members and will take your suggestions into consideration. If you wish, please review the Club Rules and the mission and goals that shape our decisions in operating the facility.